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 2012 Photo Gallery

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Khader Ballut ignites the Peace Light in the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem. (in German)

2012 Peace Light arrives in Vienna Austria

Christina Mader is the ORF Peace Light Child for 2012 (in German)
Wolfgang and Thomas arrive at JFK with the Peace Light. Photo by John Hahn.
John Hahn's lanterns are burning with the Peace Light ready for their journey to Glen Rock New Jersey and on to Danville Pennsylvania and eventually after many couriers reaching as far West as Nebraska and as far North as Winnipeg. Photo by John Hahn.
The Peace Light arrives at JFK. Photo by Rosty Slabicky
A group of people meeting the Peace Light outside Our Lady of the Skies Chapel at JFK airport. Photo by Rosty Slabicky
Lanterns being lit on the alter in Our Lady of the Skies Chapel. Photo by Rosty Slabicky
A group of people behind the alter filled with Peace Light lanterns. Photo by Rosty Slabicky
A group of people behind the alter filled with Peace Light lanterns. Photo by Rosty Slabicky
Joshua & John Nugent Hahn on their way back to NJ with the Peace Light 2012
James Kennedy (l) & John Nugent Hahn pass Peace Light 2012 at Love's gas station in Mifflinville, PA (exit 242 off I-80) James Kennedy is now on his way with the Peace Light to Ohio.
Troop 1548 Peace Light lamps. Photo by Christine Fox
Peace Light exchange in Newark, DE, heading to Rehoboth Beach.
James Kennedy (l) and Jason Wolf at the Greater Western Reserve Council Service Center, Warren Ohio
Peace Light lantern in Deering NH
My wife and I are Cub Scout leaders and received the Peace Light at our district round table last night in Keene NH. It is now in Deering NH, 03244. From here it will light the candles at St Mary's Church in Hillsborough NH 03244 on December 16. It will light more lamps and candles on the 20th after our pack meeting at the Deering town hall. David and Sharon Gamache
Iowa Religious Media Services have a great poster!
The transfer was in St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, State Road, Parma Ohio where the Peace Light will burn throughout the holidays. Standing from left to right Evhen Palka, Daria Jakubowych, Lydia Bazarko, Father Mykhajlo Hontaruk, Jason Wolf (Boy Scouts of America).
Another view of the Parma Ohio transfer
The distribution of the Peace Light flame during the service at JFK airport. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
Three Peace Light transportation containers. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
John Hahn and Joshua O. outside of JFK airport after receiving the flame. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
Joshua O. sharing the Peace Light at a rest stop outside of Hartford, CT. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
Joshua O. sharing the Peace LIght at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Worcester, MA. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
Joshua O. sharing the Peace Light at the Scout Shop in Southborough, MA. Photo by Gretchen Osgood
Joshua O. sharing the Peace Light in Peterborough, NH, so that it could make it to that evening's Roundtable in Keene, NH.Photo by Gretchen Osgood
In the transfer photo (L/R) you'll find Andres Durbak and Irene Durbak (Chicago Ukrainian Plast), Very Rev. Iwan Nakonachny, Rev. Mychaylo Hontaruk, Evhen Palka and Lydia Bazarko (Cleveland Ukrainian Plast).
The transfer ceremony to BSA from Indiana, was conducted at Camp Topenebe, on Dec 13, 6:30 PM. In the transfer photo (L/R) you'll find Dan Carpenter (LaSalle Council), Jeff Decker (Crossroads of America Council), Andres Durbak (Ukrainian Plast) and Irene Durbak (Ukrainian Plast).
Northern Indiana transfer by Andres Durbak at Camp Topenebee. L to R - Dan Carpenter, Potawatomi District Executive-LaSalle Council; Jeff Decker, Troop 302, Crossroads of America Council; Andres Durbak, Plast, Chicago; and Irene Durbak, who will deliver the Peace Light to Madison, Wisconsin
A great photo of the whole transfer ceremony group at Camp Topenebe. After a transfer ceremony in St. Joseph UCC in Chicago, 10AM Friday, Dec 14, the Peace Light will be ready to head toward Madison Wisconsin and beyond.
Today, for the first time since this movement started, the International Peace Light has been flown from Vienna directly to Toronto, Canada. Pictured are the Austrian Airlines crew that flew this historic mission.
Thomas, the Austrian Airline courier of the light, passed the flame at Toronto Pearson Airport, Interfaith Chapel, Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level. Accepting the flame were members of Plast Ukrainian Scouts of Toronto, members of the Austrian community in Kitchener and Toronto, and members of the Czech community. (Photos – Austian Airlines, C.Kolos)
Another photo from Toronto.
The Peace Light transfer ceremony took place in St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church, Chicago, on Friday, Dec. 14, 10:30AM. Rev. Mykola Buriadnik led the prayers by the group of representatives from Ukrainian Plast Scouts, Boy Scouts of America -  Northwest Suburban Council, Latvian Scouts, Lithuanian Scouts, Polish Scouts and Peace Connection. From here the Peace Light was taken to Madison, Milwaukee and Davenport.
Richard Clem receives the Peace Light in Madison Wisconsin
The Peace Light is in Bayport Minnesota! Thank you Richard Clem (pictured) and everyone else that made this possible :)
Peace Light retrieved for East Freetown MA
Peace Light flame delivered by Polish Scouts at 10 AM on Dec 16th to St. James Church Arlington Hts. Illinois to light the Advent Wreathe candles.
Robert Musialowicz
December 16 is Emma's birthday, so she arrived with a cupcake and birthday candle to receive the Peace Light flame. (Makes sense to me, after all we are celebrating someone else's birthday on the 25th - Joe)Photo Gretchen Osgood
Luke, Peter and Nick light a candle in a popcorn tin with the Peace Light flame. Photo Gretchen Osgood
Two young friends from Manchester receiving the flame. Photo Gretchen Osgood
7 of the 13 Scout volunteers who helped distribute the Peace Light flame in Bedford, representing Manchester troop 135, Bedford troop 414 and Bedford troop 5. Photo Gretchen Osgood
I had the privilege of sharing the Peace Light with the Newtown, CT community at St Rose of Lima Church before Sunday Mass.
Rosty's Peace Light lantern along with many candles in Newton CT
Corey from Troop 113 transfers the Peace Light to the Bethlehem Lutheran Church stove pilot light
Teddy from Troop 560 transfers the Peace Light to his lantern at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
The Photo Gallery was too large to work with so I split it into two sections. The rest of the pictures are here: 2012 Photo Gallery - 2