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2014 Testimonials

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Ayer despues de los servicios religiosos en la tarde, los Scouts tuvieron a bien regalarnos una veladora con la Luz de Belen. Durante la homilía nuestro sacerdote nos explico el origen y significado de esta flama.

Solo nos resta darles las gracias por compartir con nosotros esta Luz de Belen, Luz de Paz. Procuraremos en estas Fiestas de Navidad compartirla con todos nuestros seres queridos.

Gracias de nuevo. Deseamos a todos una muy Feliz Navidad en compañía de sus seres queridos.

Saludos y que Dios los bendiga. Horacio Ramírez Garza

Google translation:
Yesterday after church services in the afternoon, the Scouts were kind enough to give us a candle with the Light of Bethlehem. During the homily our priest explained to us the origin and meaning of this flame.

We can only thank them for sharing with us this Light of Bethlehem Light of Peace. Ensure at these Christmas parties share it with all our loved ones.

Thanks again. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas with your loved ones.

Greetings and God bless. Horacio Ramírez Garza
I am writing to you from Newmarket, New Hampshire to thank you for your work in bringing the Peace Light to the Northeast. We have celebrated each worship service since December 12th in the glow of the light and look forward to our Christmas Eve worship services and circle of candle light to be blessed with this light as well. Additionally, we have shared the light with a church in our neighboring town, Newfields, New Hampshire and their services will be blessed as well.
Your work for peace is a blessing and much appreciated by all.
With sincere thanks and many blessings, Reverend Patty Marsden 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
I live in Sunriver, Oregon which is about 20 miles south of Bend, OR. I just returned from my Christmas vacation late Friday, Dec. 26th, carrying the Peace Light from Las Vegas, which I originally lit from the Light delivered to Phoenix Arizona. A photographer friend in Phoenix did a photo shoot of the event on Dec. 19 where she lit her candle from the Peace Light flame there. I lit my candle from hers that evening and transferred it to self contained 24 hr oil candles (so the wax would not overcome the flame in transport). I had one oil candles in a jar covered by a metal candle holder (upside down) in the center console of my car, protecting from wind and from catching nearby objects on fire. (I could not find a proper lantern, so this is what I figured out). I got the flame all the way from Phoenix to my family in Las Vegas, but as I opened the door of the car and lifted the metal cover, the wind blew the flame out! I was devastated!!!
I decided to get some sleep that night… left Vegas the next morning at 5:30am and did a 10 hour round trip back to Phoenix to gather the Peace Light again. This time I had an additional light burning in another jar in a small open ice chest… checking to make sure both flames were lit at all times. I transported the Peace Light in the same way for my 15 hour drive back to Oregon.
Some may call me crazy, but my 90 year old Mom (who does not know about the second trip to Phoenix) is just thrilled to have the Bethlehem Light in her home. My sisters and brother are also thrilled, keeping it going and sharing with others. I have also shared the light with people at parties I attended, and with some of the workers at gas stations I stopped at along the way. The tears of joy and wonder from all recipients makes it all worth while, as you probably are most aware of!
Thank you all for making this possible and keeping the Bethlehem Peace Light glowing throughout the planet.
Take care and Love All Ways… It's the L.A.W.!!!
Danny Callen